South Australian Brewing Company Building

1940 to 1941

This building is of historical significance because of its association with the South Australian Brewing Company for which it was built in 1940-41 as the administrative headquarters. They were sited near the now demolished West End  brewery which moved to Southwark in 1980.The building is architecturally significant as a design of prominent Adelaide architect F Kenneth Milne. The building is an unusual rendering of the Georgian idiom with strictly disciplined fenestration and crisply detailed dressings in what appears to be artificial stone.  Surrounds to openings and upper string course are loosely derived from Classical detail and reflect the desire of architects during this period to interpret rather than copy stylistic detailing. In many ways this building anticipates Milne’s later HC Sleigh building. The interior of the Brewery offices are of particular note for their originality and detailing including panelling and metal work. The integrity of the building is high both internally and externally. The complex was extended in 1956 to the design of SH Gilbert.

The building now operates as part of the University of South Australia.

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2 thoughts on “South Australian Brewing Company Building

  1. would like history of my father who was a staff member during Mr. Nations and Mr. Richardson management. He had a notice in the Sth. Aust. advertiser re his service. I Would like to be able to get a copy of that write up of his service. Could you help me in this regard.I think he retired late 1940’s thanks in anticipation of a reply. Ray.