Holden and Frost

Holden and Frost was a firm of saddlers, shown by the horse which topped the porch of its building in Grenfell Street. The firm had begun in 1859, but it was not until the late 1870s that it moved to this building, designed for it by Daniel Garlick. The building was in Garlick’s best style – heavy, but with precise details – the wide arch led to the yard behind the works. The delicate porch was a later addition and was removed before its demolition in 1966.

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3 thoughts on “Holden and Frost

  1. I have a Holden and Frost saddle. Both pommel pons are marked Holden and Frost makers Adelaide. Can you give me anymore information?

  2. I am working for an up-coming Australian stock saddle museum. We are searching for significant Australian stock saddles and am now anxious to contact Danni who posted on January 22, 2017 who states that she has a Holden & frost saddle. Is there anyway I can contact Danni?