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The Beehive Corner Building (1897) is a rare example of commercial Gothic Revival architecture in Adelaide. It was extensively restored in the 1990s. The building is associated with and named after the corner site which has been traditionally known as the Beehive Corner since the 1840s. Messrs Brewer and Robertson advertised their ‘new drapery establishment – The Beehive’ in the ‘South Australian Register’ of 3 October 1849.  The Corner has long been a favourite meeting place in the City.

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4 thoughts on “Beehive Corner Building

  1. is it true that the Golden Bee on the top of the buliding is in fact made of solid gold and that who ever owns and holds the Golden Bee
    his or hers footy team will never loose a game ever !!!! is it true or carnt you say any thing because its a city secret
    thankyou for your time and
    I love your City Bill

    • Thanks Bill. I think that may be an urban myth. Now that the footy season is over, we should let sleeping bees lie. Glad that you love Adelaide as much as we do!

  2. Love this building in the night lights, waiting for the tram. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland with the decor of the mad Queen’s castle. Also love the fact that Haigh’s Chocolate store is below the Beehive, that old favourite meeting place.

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