Under Threat

Heritage sites are regularly threatened with being compromised, damaged or destroyed through new development or inappropriate modification or reuse. The National Trust regularly campaigns for the protection of heritage sites that are under threat to seek a review and reversal of decisions that threaten their heritage value.

These are the sites we believe are currently under threat. Please show your support for their protection by adding your voice to the comments here, or by joining one of our campaigns.

Sites currently 'Under Threat'

  • There are currently no Under Threat Sites

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    Election 2018: Valuing our heritage public forum 15 February

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3 thoughts on “Under Threat

  1. I absolutely delight in walking Adelaide Streets where there are heritage buildings. Our heritage and old buildings are what give Adelaide it’s character.
    We all love to visit Paris for the reason that it has a charm in its buildings from the Hausmann era which modern edifices do not exude.
    I love living in this city, and wander up various streets to see the history of the businesses and dwellings that went before. With so much frenetic change in modern life , it is grounding to have our built past still with us. Let us not make Melbourne of Brisbane’s mistake of taking out so much of their past. I have many favourites within the city – love East Rundle St’s streetscape.

    • Thanks Pat, yes we are very fortunate. But we need to keep reminding governments how much we value Adelaide’s heritage. It was great to see National Trust members rally last week to vote for heritage buildings in the poll of Adelaide’s greatest buildings conducted by the Adelaide City Council. What’s your favourite building in Rundle Street?

  2. Australians are especially good at building fancy tin sheds and glass houses that require excessive heating and cooling costs for the life of the buildings. I’m thinking the SAHMRI building, the Wine Centre, Marion Swimming Centre and any number of buildings along the Torrens.