Protecting our heritage for the future means learning from past mistakes.  There  are many examples where we have failed to protect Adelaide’s heritage, leaving us all poorer as a result.  Hundreds of buildings -grand and small- that helped define the character of the city have disappeared from our streets.  Here, we remember some of the places lost since 1950.

Perhaps you have a story to share about what has been lost.

Some of the buildings lost in Adelaide since 1950:

Grand Central Hotel

Stow Hall

Criterion Hotel

Australian War Widows Building

Theatre Royal

Scots Church, Flinders Street




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2 thoughts on “Lost

  1. My Great, great Uncle (John Mills) was the owner and Publican of the Yongala Hotel in 1881. Could you please advise me if this hotel still exists as the Globe Hotel, the Junction Hotel or has it been demolished. Would any photo’s/drawings exist of how it once looked? Also looking for a photo of the Flagstaff Hotel. Does one exist?