Heritage is about the future, not just the past.  It is about the quality and character of the places we live.  For almost 60 years, the National Trust of South Australia, a not-for-profit community organisation, has led the call to preserve our heritage.    Join us in discovering, exploring, celebrating and protecting the heritage of the City of Adelaide.  Let us know what you care about!.

  • Farewell Rhino Room and the changing face of Frome Street

    Farewell Rhino Room and the changing face of Frome Street

    Adelaide bade farewell to another embattled older building this month with the demolition of the Frome Street home of the Rhino Room, The Howling Owl and Urban Cow Studio. Best known as a comedy venue that has seen countless great Australian comedians from Adam Hills to Hannah Gadsby grace its stage, the Rhino ... Read More »
  • It’s Australian Heritage Festival time

    It’s Australian Heritage Festival time

    March might be over, but Adelaide’s festival season has just begun! The Australian Heritage Festival is nearly upon us, bringing with it a program packed with rare insights and fascinating adventures in local heritage and history. The 2017 Australian Heritage Festival theme is Having a Voice and we invite communities across South Australia ... Read More »
  • Opinion: So much for the Vibrant City

    Opinion: So much for the Vibrant City

    A peculiarity of the current government is that it appears to have two ministers for heritage – one for and one against. Ian Hunter oversees the Heritage Council which looks after places of importance to the State and occasionally adds some. John Rau, Minister for Planning, acts as the Minister Against Heritage, ... Read More »
  • Old Adelaide Treasury Tours

    Old Adelaide Treasury Tours

    Explore the former Adelaide Treasury, one of Adelaide’s oldest and most significant heritage sites. It was here that gold from the eastern states was stored to be smelted into the Adelaide Pound. The tour includes the former Cabinet Room of the South Australian Government that is in ... Read More »
  • City Treasure: Adelaide Arcade

    City Treasure: Adelaide Arcade

    Adelaide Arcade is one of the city's architectural and shopping gems. Built in 1885, it is home to more than 100 speciality retail outlets on two levels of  well preserved Victorian elegance. The arcade is home to a museum and to one of South Australia's cultural icons, Haigh's chocolate. You can enter Adelaide Arcade from ... Read More »

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Manitoba Housing Complex listed

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Future of Heritage Public Forum February 20th


Opinion: So much for the Vibrant City